Nordic and Scandinavian-Style Specialty Coffee in Spokane, WA!

We are a Specialty Coffee Roaster in Spokane, WA that pursues the "Nordic" or "Scandinavian" expression of coffee.

That means our Single Origin coffees are extremely high quality and lightly roasted to showcase each coffee's unique flavor profile.

For those who prefer a more classic medium roast, our House Espresso and Morning Muse blend should hit the spot.

Everything is roasted on Fluid Bed Air Roaster, which help maintain and highlight the floral and fruity notes distinct in all of our Single Origins.

The result speak for themselves and we think you'll taste the difference!

Order Schedule

We roast Mondays and ship on Tuesdays every week.

All orders made before 2pm Pacific each Monday will be fulfilled that week.

All orders placed after 2pm Pacific each Monday will be fulfilled the following week.