Your Cafe, Drive Thru, or Office Deserves Excellent Coffee. Period.

Our commitment to using high quality beans, small batch roasting, and meticulous care while roasting means your customers or clients will get the best coffee experience imaginable

High Quality Beans

Good coffee has more flavor compounds than wine!

Coffee is graded on a scale of 1-100.

We only select coffees that score well above 80, which is considered "Specialty" grade coffee.

This insures that you only get the highest quality beans, free from defects (like mold), bursting, and ethically sourced.

Meticulous Care

We spend countless hours sampling, testing, and fine-tuning our roast profiles to makes sure you get the best coffee.

This combined with our commitment to small-batch roasting, you can be confident you're getting some of the highest quality coffee available.

Superior Technology

Traditional roasters use centuries old technology to roast their beans known as "Drum Roasters."

These roasters tend to heat the beans unevenly and impart a muddy, smokey, burned flavor as certain elements of the bean ignite.

We use newer roasting technology called Fluidbed Roasting that gently suspends the beans on a bed of hot hair.

This more evenly roasts the beans and leaves the unique flavor of each bean intact.

When tasted side-by-side, people say our coffee is smoother and the unique flavors of the coffee more prominent.

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